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    5 SWIPE
    Montlake Cut, Seattle, WA.
    Willamette River, Portland, OR.
    Vancouver Lake, WA. Thanks to Steve Gibbons http://pvra-northwest.weebly.com/about-us.html _blank
    Vancouver Lake Race Course, WA. Thanks to Matt Lacey
    South Eugene Rowing Club, Eugene, OR. http://www.southeugenerowingclub.org/wp-content/uploads/slider-foggy.jpg _blank
    Kenai Creswers Rowing Club, Seward, AL. http://www.kenaicrewsers.org/ _blank
    Lake Stevens Rowing Club, Lake Stevens, WA. http://www.diysports.com/lakestevensrowingclub/ _blank
    Dexter Lake Race Course, Eugene, OR. http://www.oarowing.org/ _blank